Amelie’s New Bedroom!

Well it’s almost taken me as long to post this as it has to actually build and decorate Amelie’s new bedroom but here it is at last – ALL FINISHED and making life SO much easier for us!!

I thought it appropriate to feature one of our many Guardian Angels who have helped us over the years – the amazing Popsie, without whom this would just not have been possible. We can never thank you enough but want you to know that your kindness and generosity has made such a huge life changing impact on Amelie, myself and Jon and our poor old backs will be ETERNALLY grateful!!!

A big thank you also to Fisher & Haynes Builders and Contractors who absolutely STORMED through the build! The scaffolding went up on Monday 7th March and by Thursday 24th March – the outside was all done!!

Amongst so many others Рthanks must also go to Richard Marshall who who agreed the donation of  stone for the outside walls and Ryburn Valley Windows who provided the new windows at cost price Рit all helps!

I mustn’t forget the very talented Jason Wade who “rustled up” all the drawings for us and sorting all the planning permission etc with so much ease – I had no clue where to start! He was patient, liaised with us made any changes we thought best to suit the needs of accommodating Amelie’s equipment and changing bed and it’s paid off as it all fits in perfectly!

Calderdale council did not agree to funding the extension but have helped us a bit and have covered the cost of the £3,000 plus changing bed Рwhich is why we needed the extension in the first place!

So here are the pictures – we have gone from sitting in a tiny space on her old bedroom floor, or sitting twisted on our bed with equipment in three different rooms to now having plenty of space, Amelie at the perfect height so our backs don’t hurt and we now have everything in one room! We CANNOT tell you what a difference this makes – it’s just brilliant! We also have a toilet to dispose of waste and her own sink (which has been moved from our main bathroom) so she can brush her teeth in her room too!

Life with Amelie is full on but things like this just make it so much easier to deal with!

We couldn’t believe the transformation!! Besides the fact that you can hardly tell where the old stone finishes and the new ones begin – it looks as though it has always been there!!

After this had been done – then the tricky part began, the knocking through and the alterations on the inside!! When they started we had to completely clear Amelie’s bedroom and also Jon’s Office/family storage room downstairs as the roof had to come off!! As many of you who know us and know just HOW much “stuff” we have – it was quite tricky to say the least but all for a much easier life in the long run – so worth every bit of upheaval!!

Jon had a temporary “office” in our bedroom, Amelie camped out at the end of our bed, we got a temporary clothes rail for her things and managed to house it in our bedroom also!! George and Abby had some of Amelie’s furniture in their rooms and the rest of the house was taken over by wardrobes, desks, boxes, shoes and allsorts!!

Big thanks to Sue & Darron next door for housing a lot of other stuff that we just couldn’t find room for! Perfect time also for a big clearout!

Amelie’s room was plastered, painted, carpeted and lino laid – all the lighting finished, the electric sockets where we needed them – the builders made such progress, every evening it looked better and better!

After all this was done – the fun part started!! Putting everything back into the room that now had almost doubled in size!! All her old wardrobes were fitted back (thank you Tristen!), we upgraded her to a single size bed instead of her junior bed – even though she still had room left in this, it looked ridiculously small now!! And after all, she IS nearly 9yrs old!! Safe to say there’s plenty of space left in this one!!

We had LED lights fitted around the skirting boards that are on a motion sensor so that when we need to get up in the night with her we are all not blinded by “the BIG light”!! This works really well – thank you for the inspiration Kathryn & Paul!

And then a few weeks after all this was done – we had the HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE CHANGE BED fitted!!! Which is what all this was about and WHAT a difference this has made!! It’s just PERFECT! And guess what colour??!! …………….

Of course – it HAD to be pink!!! I still go into Amelie’s bedroom now and cannot believe that what I’d hoped for has actually happened, I know I’ve said so many times already but it has changed our lives completely! Here is the finished room and a great picture of Amelie in the builder’s lorry having lots of fun after she found the ear defenders and the horn!!

MASSIVE thanks to EVERYONE involved x x