Fundraising Updates!

Although It’s a knockout seems like a distant memory, we’ve still been collecting in sponsor money! But even with a couple of people to chase we have managed to raise our total to £7,000 which is brilliant! Huge thanks to you all once again! I’ve STILL got a load of photos to share, there just haven’t been enough hours in the day!!

We’ve decided to hold IAKO 2017 on just ONE day next year – it was too much hard work and didn’t financially work as well having two days – so we are all booked for SUNDAY 2nd JULY 2017!! Get your team requests in in plenty of time as places will be limited next year!

Since It’s a Knockout, we’ve had a few other lovely people Fundraising and donating to Amelie’s Fund! The parents of a much valued supporter of Amelie’s Fund, Brian and Celia recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary! As they had most things in life that they need they decided to donate to a local cause and Amelie’s Fund was chosen to be the benefactor! A few days after their Anniversary celebrations we received an a£795!! Brian & Celia we are TRULY grateful – THANK YOU so much and a very Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to you both!

Then on Sunday 11th September, Natalie braved the sunshine and ran The Great North Run for Amelie!! It took her 2 hours 32 minutes and she ran every step of the way!! Huge thanks to you Natalie, you raised an amazing £200 for Amelie’s Fund, a fabulous achievement! x

I have some other Fundraisers who need a mention but I will post when I have more details, so for now, THANK YOU for all the amazing support we have had this year, we appreciate it more than you will ever know!