Fundraising Blog

Hello! This is our Fundraising Blog – here you will find information about upcoming events, outcomes of our fundraising efforts and details of what we have managed to buy for Amelie to help make her life a bit easier! Thank you for all your support so far x

IAKO 2017! SUNDAY 2ND JULY – GREETLAND COMMUNITY CENTRE HX4 8JG 10-8PM IMG_0007 IMG_0022 IMG_0025 IMG_0056 IMG_0159 IMG_0232 IMG_0265 Poster JPeg 2017 ?????????? IMG_0516 IMG_0448 Apologies for the last minute post!! I tend to use the “LIVE NEWS” section a bit too much which connects through FaceBook but forget about all you lovely people who…

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Fundraising Updates!

Although It’s a knockout seems like a distant memory, we’ve still been collecting in sponsor money! But even with a couple of people to chase we have managed to raise our total to £7,000 which is brilliant! Huge thanks to you all once again! I’ve STILL got a load of photos to share, there just…

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Fundraising Updates

Thanks to the huge success of It’s a Knockout last year we have been able to order our new WAV for Amelie! On the Motability scheme we are entitled to a car that fits her wheelchair in, but we only have it for 5 years and then you can either buy it outright or lease…

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IAKO 2015

Less than TWO weeks to go!!!! Are we all ready??! I CANNOT BELIEVE it’s less than two weeks until the big day!! All the teams are ready (I hope!), all the t shirts are ordered, I have 18 Businesses Sponsoring 18 of our 27 teams, various stalls to finalize, food, drink and lots of fairground…

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SINCERE apologies for the HUGE delay in posting this!! Between my laptop being in for repair for the past 6 weeks and still badgering people for pledged sponsor money and then all Amelie’s appointments and procedures, so much time has passed!!Anyway – here I am on a wet October day, pleased as punch to announce…

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I CANNOT believe that It’s a Knockout (IAKO) is only 16 days away!! Life has been full on since I booked it with the usual busy life of family trials and tribulations, mixed in with Amelie’s bladder journey (which has been SO time consuming) and then the big campaign to recruit teams for this year’s…

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Fundraising update Jan 2014 – Happy New Year! x

Blimey I haven’t posted on here for a while – sorry!! Fundraising has been fairly quiet since the knockout last June – we did so well and though we are trying to save up for the huge deposit of our replacement motability car, we have had to dip into the funds to help us out…

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Apologies for the delay in posting this!! Our amazing It’s a Knockout Day has been a bit “marred” by poor Cameron becoming extremely ill. He was with us watching all his three teams on the day but was admitted to Leeds the next day. He has had the mother of all chest infections, needing a…

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Well – I haven’t got any photos to show yet but WHAT A BRILLIANT DAY we had yesterday!!!! No rain – that was a first and 24 teams of 10 competed – so 240 people who turned out in force for Amelie’s Fund!!! Still reeling from that and the generosity of people!!! So far we…

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                                     OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!  A week from now It’s a Knockout will all be over!!!! I can’t believe it’s almost here!! Well – I think we are almost ready for it!! We have 6 teams of children –…

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