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In 2010, a fund was originally set up to for Amelie to help us buy her an outdoor electric wheelchair. We surpassed our wildest dreams and achieved our goal! We held an It’s a Knockout Fun Day in September 2010 and we had a lot of other events going on, with all your generous donations we were able to place an order for her chair!

As a parent, you want to do everything possible for your children. When their needs are too big for you to cope with it is very difficult to swallow pride and ask for help. We want to raise money to help Amelie live in a world that wasn’t made for her. Amelie has underlying medical needs, which in time may resolve, we don’t know.

What we do know is that she will always be small and so we want to give her every opportunity to do all the things every other child her age can do. Here a few things for you to think about, every day tasks that most children take for granted.

Toilets are always tricky when potty training! But imagine being so small that even with a step the toilet seems like Mount Everest! Imagine sitting on the edge of the bath with your pants round your ankles, not being able to hold on! That is what it is like for a primordial dwarf to be sat on a normal sized toilet. Amelie will need a specially adapted small size toilet, like the ones they have in nurseries.

Toys may need to be custom made, play areas outside need to be accessible for her – we would love to ‘sink’ the trampoline in our garden so she can shuffle on and off as she pleases! At the moment, she has to be lifted on and off and has to be supervised at all times. Her friends are able to run around and climb up and down when they want, giving that extra independance.

Amelie’s needs for now are ongoing – there will come a time that the clothes she wears will not be ‘age appropriate’ (she may not want to wear Minnie Mouse tops when she’s 8yrs old but that may be all that fits her!) so clothes may need to specially made.

We also would like to travel to conventions to meet people with similar conditions; this would benefit Amelie and both her sisters to socialise with families going through similar experiences! This also comes at a cost – something that we can not fund ourselves.

Any child with any disability needs help to have any kind of chance of being independent in their own special way. Amelie is just the same and if you would like to donate to help her access her ‘Big World’ we would be most grateful.

Amelie’s Fund is NOT a registered charity – we looked into this but found that if we did and Jon and I were trustees, Amelie would NOT be able to benefit in any way. This just doesn’t work for us, obviously, as we still need things for Amelie. We hope to continue raising money and have enough funds to help Amelie and help other families that we come into contact with who may need similar help.

You can make a donation online via the DONATE button or email me on for alternative ways.

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