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Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope to be able to keep you up to date with various things on here – Amelie’s progress, appointments and operations etc. Thank you for checking in and keeping in touch with Amelie’s life! xx

December Update!

Wow – well what a whirlwind the past few months have been!!! We have been SOOOOO busy – hence me not having time to write this blog. So my apologies as I know some of you have been asking about Amelie. So here is what we have been doing since my last post! So –…

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Bladder Saga continues and MORE frustration!

Apologies for the delay! We came home from hospital and I opened my laptop to start this blog and the screen was completely blank!!! A trip down to PC World then resulted in it having to be taken in for repair and so won’t get it back for two weeks! Feel a bit lost without…

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Summer Hols 2014

Summer Hols, Amelie’s 7th Birthday and Back to Reality! Apologies to all my facebook friends as I have gone about this “just a little bit”!!! BUT – we had the BEST and MUCH needed holiday in Spain this August!! We flew out on Amelie’s birthday (Abby’s birthday was the day before) and when we got…

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AUGUST 2014 late night catch up!

Wow – yet again time has run away with me!! It’s late so I will do my best to quickly let you know what’s going on with Amelie! So – since my last blog and the failure of the bladder training – Amelie has seen the endocrinologist in Manchester, nothing much different, though querying whether…

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Bladder Progress ?????

Six weeks ago yesterday, Amelie had her supra pubic catheter inserted in theatre and had Botox injected into her bladder, the start of her long journey to try and get her “dry”. She was very sore after the procedure and had two weeks on “free drainage” to allow time for the Botox to work. We…

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Amelie’s Bladder Procedure

Well an unexpected free hour to fill you in about Amelie’s “adventures”! Amelie has recovered well from her bowel obstruction and while getting back to normal we got an appointment through to go to Manchester for her bladder procedure on 22nd April.   So off we went, bright and early, arrived at 8am and Amelie…

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Amelie’s Unexpected Hospital Stay :(

Hi all! Well it’s been a long week and I think, I’ve said before, I’m glad to have this blog as it helps me get things off my chest!!! On Monday 3rd march Amelie became unwell in the night, complaining of tummy ache and was retching a lot. By the morning her tummy was hugely…

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Urology Appointment in Manchester

Well after a frustration 4+ weeks wait after Amelie’s latest bombshell diagnosis we finally had her appointment to see the Urologist in Manchester to discuss where we go now with regards to Amelie’s bladder and bowels. After over 2 hrs wait in the clinic we finally went in! We have to say, he is a…

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Thank you to all of you who have been asking about Amelie this weekend and how her investigations have gone. We did get some answers but it’s a bit long winded to post on facebook and to text everyone so thought this was the best way x So here goes – Amelie was admitted on…

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January 2014 – HAPPY NEW YEAR x

Hi all! Sorry for the prolonged silence! It’s been a busy few months but thought an update was well overdue! Where shall I start??! Well, at the beginning of December Amelie decided to start going to Rainbows! (For those of you unaware this is a little group that children can attend before brownies!) It’s just…

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