Thank You

So far you have helped Amelie by enabling us to provide various items in and around the home, also out and about to meet other people! We have been lucky enough to have so much help already from SO many people, apologies for not mentioning you all personally but you know who you are and we are truly grateful to you all x

An overwhelming start to the beginning of Amelie’s Fund, launched by the Look North Team and then an amazing amount of support at the It’s A Knockout Day for Amelie! We had to wait a lot longer than we thought for this chair but we now have it and it is a great way for Amelie to make those long distances that she just can’t manage. Snapdragon, the company who make the chairs, assure us that they will be able to adapt it for when she is in a hip spica – that would be just fantastic for Amelie!

When Amelie turned 3yrs she became eligable for the Motability element of the Disability Living Allowance, which allowed us to look at the option of a bigger car and the possiblity of us not having to lift her manual wheelchair and Amelie, in and out of the car. We looked at the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) with her electric wheelchair in mind. The car’s with little or no down payment where like Van’s leaving Amelie sitting right at the back on her own. We wanted her to be sat with her sisters and so looked at the Kia, one of the few cars that would accomodate all 5 of us and a wheelchair! The support from everyone kept coming and we were able to make the down payment – we ABSOLUTELY couldn’t have done it without you!

Amelie comes with a LOT of equipment! Her tubes, syringes of various sizes, milk and lots of other supplies get delivered monthly to us – as you can imagine, that is a LOT of extra stuff in house that is already cluttered with three girls belongings!!! We desperately needed some space to store all this equipment, preferably somewhere that we could keep it all together. Everything was scattered around wherever we could store it and it was hard to access. The solution came in the form of utilising the storage space under the stairs more efficiently! Amelie’s fund helped us do that, it works so well, just have to turn a blind eye when your sat on the loo!

The council very kindly agreed to provide us with a sink that can be lowered so Amelie can wash her hands all by herself! This has been a part of our house for some time now and is a huge help towards Amelie being more independent, the only trouble was that she still had to ask us to turn on the light so she could go in! We used some money from Amelie’s Fund to pay an electrician to lower the switch so she can reach it all by herself! She spent a few days just turning it on and off, just because she could!!!! Something so little means so much – thank you!

A Ball was held in October specifically to raise money for Amelie’s Fund, it was a huge success! We plan to use some of the money raised to buy a sink just like the one the council provided for us, this time for upstairs! Amelie can’t reach our bathroom sink and so has to brush her teeth sat on the bed with us holding a pot of water or perched on our knee with us holding her up to the sink, she just wants to be like her sisters. Again – a small thing that most children take for granted but would mean the world to Amelie! Can’t wait to see them all brushing their teeth together!

A netball tournament in aid of Amelie’s Fund helped us buy yet another life changing piece of kit for Amelie! She DESPERATELY needed a smaller back pack to carry her feeds around with her 21 hrs a day! She used to have a bag that she couldn’t even lift herself – sometimes she managed to drag it but mainly we carried it for her! When we went over to America we saw a few children with these ‘super mini back packs’ and made a beeline for their parents to ask where they got them from!!! We had looked all over here in England but couldn’t find anything – we were so grateful to get the details of the manufacturer. As soon as we came home I tried to order one for Amelie – they made an exception (after much pleading) as they don’t usually ship outside of the US! It was one of the most exciting moments when it arrived!!! We loaded up her pump and feed and put it on her back – off she went, all by herself – it moved me to tears! This has given her so much more freedom and let her have the independence she craved – THANK YOU!!!

Amelie finally came out of her cot in September of this year! We used Amelie’s Fund to buy a lovely little bed for her! It’s absolutely perfect – just the right size for her to climb in and out all by herself and make her feel that bit more grown up! She absolutely loves it and sleeps soundly – we just wish her pump would as that peeps EVERY night!!!!

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